UPDATES!! (22-10)

My lack of news is disturbing.

I have been working on things behind the scenes of late.
Updating certain system flash carts as I have noticed a few games missing.

I’m going to be doing the gaming area at Doki Doki fest this year

I am in the progress of updating the site, so far the modifications page has been edited

I am also acquiring a few of those rather lovely 4:3 LCD TVs, trying to keep them all like for like. This will come in handy for future bookings as a few people know I generally hate it when retro games are stretched to 16:9.
They have all the connections I will ever need round the back (Sans HDMI, but for any system that outputs that I have some never screens).

I have also recently finished my MUGEN bartop machine, this will mostly be used for any events im at.
I wanted to just run a fully custom build of MUGEN on it. It’s a game that’s relevant to almost everything.
I charted my progress with a Facebook album
It was a learning experience as I have never made one before.
I will be building another one at some point, so keep looking.

On the private hire side of things my current job is proving to be tricky to work around, hoping that things change soon.
I am looking for another job.