News time 10/3

Been a while since the last update.

Ok new things,

Good news first

  • GAUNTLET LIVES!! The rare two player Gauntlet cab is working. Why is it rare? Well Gauntlet is mainly a four player game so a two player cab was never really needed, also the cab is great for Gauntlet 2
  • As mentioned I am doing a Everdrive (its a way of playing roms on the original hardware) group buy the more people join the better. I would do this in person, but the money really needs to be Paypaled to me so I can keep track of it.  The group buy is also on the Amibay forum as well as others, I recommend you order off the Amibay group buy thread to save on hassle. This will save you money on them.
  • We have a 32X, but im not proud of it.
  • The freebies box is getting fuller of random gubbins, got a game or gaming related object you cant sell as its worthless? Chuck it in.
  • I am also excepting donations for the Lucky dip at Revival this year.
  • Together in electric dreams is being re-shown, dates to come.
  • Next CC is on the 26th
  • My upgraded ZX Spectrum is off to somebody that knows what hes doing as I dont
Now the bad
  • Paperboy has stopped working, hes on strike.
  • Tested the Mega CD and Mega CD 2 in the cellar with no luck, they are as dead as a Dodo, the 2 had a small spark of life, but that was it.
  • The 32X is shit


Current bounty’s

  • Angry Birds on the Mega Drive, you get a pint if you get to level five.
  • Unlock everything on Super Mario kart, same pint reward (Donkey Kongs a prick).
  • Intellivision games needed, I only have about six.