What is this weird fighting game?

As some people that frequent events im providing for will know, I tend to like sticking out a “Weird fighting game”.
It is known as “MUGEN
Generally it is a 2D fighting game engine that has been around since 1999, all content in the game has been entirely user created.
This of course leads to content that varies in quality.
Nobody knows how many creations exist for it, pack downloads featuring 5,000+ characters exist (not all work).
The build I use is one that I think is the most stable and most broken at the same time. This is one that I am updating regularly as it still gets new content, some of it is generally quite impressive.
By stable I mean it works without crashing 90% of the time and by broken I mean it has to be the most unbalanced of rosters. I do this to make sure it’s the most fun version of it, one that anyone can start playing against the most serious of player and end up winning.

I cap this all off by removing the option of manually selecting

I cap this all off by removing the option of manually selecting a character, as I have noticed in the past that some people just stick to the same one because they win.

The main reason why its become a thing I stick out is because its a head turner, the amount of times i’ve seen people double take at the screen when they see some character based on something they recognize while it randomly scrolls through the 800 odd characters I have is numerous. Also its actually entertaining to just watch some of the madness that can ensue when somebody has just pressed a button.

It’s also fun and isn’t that the main reason why we play video games?

I have a MUGEN bartop arcade machine that I offer as an extra for hire out at events or I have it on a mini PC that can be used on almost all displays.
If you want to get a feel of this I regularly have it out at my monthly FAB Cafe nights.

Sadly I can not let you have my build of it as i’ve spent years tweaking it. Sorry