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What has gone, what has been…………

I have been doing social gaming events since 2008, during this time I have been doing my own regular thing, been hired to provide equipment and have been hired as crew to set up other big scale events all over the UK.

In this section you will see some of the privately hired event photos.

Sometimes I forget to take photos as I end up running round keeping things going.

These range from various Conventions that cover things from films, to comics, to music events, to wrestling, parties, to stag nights and even wedding receptions.

If you have been to any and have photos let me know.
Some go to a 404 error, I am sorting it

Doki Doki Festival 2022
It’s back after the hiatus, another busy weekender. The first appearance of my “Barcade RED” machine.
Doki Doki festival 2019

Very busy this year, also the first outing of my MUGEN bartop arcade machine
Doki Doki fest 2018
First year using my “Newer” screens
For the love of Sci-fi 2017 (Crew) They gave us a room to kit out, bit out of the way, didn’t snap a lot of photos as my main camera broke
Doki doki fest 2017
Grimfest 2017  This was a really small scale set up, had to keep it horror
For the love of England (Crew) Limiter was, games from England
wakening UFO conference (Crew) The limiter for this one was, it had to be games with aliens in, well that’s almost too easy
Bowlers Exhibition center (Crew) Christmas party, limiter was, it had to be sci-fi games
For the love of Sci Fi (Crew) Limiter was, sci-fi movie games
Starburst int film fest This was just a general gaming area
Doki Doki fest 2016 Limiter, had to keep it Japanese
Doki Doki fest 2015
Doki Doki fest – 2014
What has gone, what has been, this was the birthplace of TNOG

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