Manchester (mostly) retro gaming for hire

Renting out equipment and expertise for your gaming needs

I offer package deals to cater for small to medium event sizes.
To help give you an idea as to what I can provide, if you want some photos of previous events to give you a taster please follow this link.

A popular one is what I call a “Multiplayer mash-up” this consists of the best multi-player gaming made. This is four systems with the BEST multiplayer games made,
A few suggestions are………..

: 4-Player Nintendo 64 setup with Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye and WWF No Mercy.
: 4-Player Mega Drive setup with Micro Machines. (this can go upto 8 player, but you have to share a controller)
: 2-Player Super Nintendo setup with Street Fighter 2 Turbo or Super Mario Kart.
: 2-Player Binatone ‘Pong’ setup (it’s always popular, option to have it on an old Black and white TV).
: 4-Player PC Engine with Bomberman.
: 4-Player Dreamcast with Chu chu rocket, Powerstone 2 or Quake 3.
: 4-Player XBox with Halo, Timespilters 2, DOOM or Star wars battlefront 2.
: 2-Player Playstation 4 with Taiko Drum session, it can get loud. Headphones are supplied.
: 4-Player Wii with Wiisports, Mario kart Wii, Warioware, Smash Brothers, you need a fair bit of space for some games.
: 4-Player Switch with Mario Kart 8, Bomberman, Smash brothers ultimate and Rocket league.

Other games and systems are available, just drop me an email with what you want and ill get back to you.
For a list of what’s available follow THIS LINK

I use some great quality 4:3 LCD screens for all the retro consoles.
I can provide CRT TVs for the more retro feel can be provided at a higher cost due to carriage costs.

For events further a field please get in touch as I know a few people around the UK that could be able to provide a set up.

For larger scale events get in touch, I can put you in contact with someone that can supply for it.

I am also available as a crew member of one of your gaming events or as a general adviser or just as someone with a lot of experience at all scale events performing a lot of roles.

To get in contact with any questions as to prices or general enquiries contact me via the following methods.
If you are a charity or are doing a fundraiser let me know as I as I only charge for transport costs.

Either show up on one of my TNOG Tuesdays and look for somebody that looks like he’s in charge of the gaming (Usually the bloke that gets up every time something becomes iffy) or ask for “The games night guy”.

Via email

Via the The nights of gaming’s twitter @NightsOfGaming

Please do not contact me via a Facebook private message as I have had problems with seeing them in the past.