CCs first Grand Day out

So CCs grand day out was I feel a success.

Bit of a hick-up at the start due to not taking enough tvs (was told some where there not sure if they worked), some really nice older ones as well. Seriously, I got nostalgic over two of them as I remember having them.

That must be a new one to get nostalgic over TVs

Still we got some from the Lass

Sadly the 2600 jr didn’t want to get tuned in (casualty?), the Dreamcast didnt want to load Soul Calibur, the Xbox has been problematic for months think something went wrong when I put in the new HDD and the PSXs where being temperamental.

But the rest of the set up was fine.

Torny wise we had basic ones

Bomberman 8 player (more stuff in 8 than 10)-  I didn’t enter till the last minute when someone didn’t show to make the numbers and annoyingly I won, the prize went to second place (only fair), the crowd where into it cheering as it went on

Street fighters – Yes plural, rather than just have 2 on the SNES I wanted to mix it up a bit, the games where “Street fighter 2 deluxe” then “Street fighter EX3” and lastly I played my troll card, people thought I was going to load up Alpha, but that would of been lame, they looked puzzled as Acclaim flashed up, some thought it was Mortal Kombat, then Rauls face popped up, yes it was the hated Street fighter the movie the game, I wish id of filmed the reaction. It was a great final as some didnt know it existed.

Next time ill do different fighting games.

Lastly was Mario Kart 64, was busy in the gaming area so didn’t catch much of it.


Out of all the set up most played where the PS2, N64 and PONG, as soon as people saw  PONG they wanted to play it.

All in all it was a Grand day out.

Thanks to.

John Mitchell for doing the driving with the gear

Adrian Thompson for sorting out the rest of the event

And to those players that played.

Hope to see them at a future CC.

Will point out that if you have an event in the Manchester area and want a bit of gaming for it get in touch.


Photos to come