Arcade news 16/5/12

As I probably never mentioned on here a few months back me and Gareth (Landlord) went to help some one pack up a load of arcade cabs for a move to the US, he was also selling off a load of stuff among that lot we got one was a Guantlet 2 player cab the others where a load of PCBs (about 120 of them) all sold as “none workers” I tested them all and almost all of them where.

The two that did where a Street fighter 2 hack (random character changing) and Wrestlefest.

Fortunately we know a few arcade techy types so they are now almost all in the hands of one of them (Colin) to see if we can get a few workers out of it.

So far we have results. Out of about 4 Kung-fu Master boards we now have two workers.

These will probably be out to play as soon as we get them back.

Top work Colin, expect some free drinks next time you are Lass bound.

Update. I shall be handed the boards this weekend so expect to see them up and running for the next Computer Club

Update the sequel. They appear to have no sound and our connector is a bit iffy, so are back in the workshop.

Update the one that shouldn’t be good but is. They are now fully working.