TNOG Tuesdays

On the first Tuesdays of each month we have a set up at Manchester's FAB Cafe, this is a relaxed...

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Manchester retro gaming for hire

Full details to come,  this will be go soon, keep in touch I will be offering package deals to cater...

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Previous events

I have been doing the social gaming events thing since 2008, during this time I have been doing my own...

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Equipment owned

This is a list of what I have systems wise. It is not every machine ever made as theses usually...

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At The Nights Of Gaming we LOVE delving into our collection of gaming consoles from yesteryear, selecting the FINEST, MOST FUN and sometimes the down right dreadful games for you to have a GOOD OLD go on!
Games you know, games you dont and some that you think are a bit cack, our retro gaming setups are intended to be SEEN, PLAYED and POKED, just as they are intended to be.
We are resident at Manchester’s FAB Cafe on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month, so bob along for a relaxing evening of gaming entertainment (ITS FREE!). Its better than waggling your joystick at home.
I also do gaming set ups for things during the day
Poke around the news page for news of upcoming events I will be providing a set up for, or get in touch if you want one at your event.





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